Charity Event in Beijing

With the same desire and vision of achieving harmony and stability, Overseas Chinese and Mainland Chinese, join hands to promote charity & positive values through culture exchange and arts & entertainment to the young generations, so that they will be able to bless others and fulfill their own dreams.

This is the first time where successful Overseas Chinese represents different areas coming together as role models for China in building the China Dream.


Jeremy Lin

Wong, Cho Lam

Amber - F(x)

Eric Suen

Rain Lee

Jade Kwan

Adia Chan


“天下华人同心筑梦”因为是爱IN LOVE公益晚会将于本周六在北京工人体育馆举行,晚会将从8月8日晚7点通过QQ音乐和腾讯视频在线直播。届时您可以登录:进行观看

还可以扫描晚会二维码 (见下面)进入腾讯乐捐页面进行捐款。